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Poplar Home Products LED Vanity Bathroom Mirror 36 x 24 in. Wall Mounted, Dimmable, Lighted, Anti-Fog Mirror – Modern, Frameless Design

Amazon.com Price: $209.99 (as of 01/03/2024 07:05 PST- Details)

LED VANITY MIRROR: Upgrade your bathroom lighting with this stunning LED mirror with built-in LED lighting. This frameless wall mirror has easy-to-operate touch controls, so you can enjoy the glow of the mirror whenever suits you best, whether getting ready to go out or preparing for bed.
DIMMABLE Lighting: Choose between adjustable light intensities, from 10% for an ambient atmosphere to 100% brightness for shaving, teeth-brushing or makeup application. Whatever it is that you’re doing, this mirror will provide the lighting that you need.
ANTI-FOG FEATURE: Avoid smears and streaks with this vanity mirror with lights. The fog-free light-up mirror defogs itself from the center outwards, providing you with a clear reflection even in the steamiest of bathrooms. Get ready straight out the shower with the this Vanity Mirror.

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